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Birthe Marie sailing
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Season 2024

Due to knock on effects from 2023, our season is likely to commence a little later than usual - we are aiming to start trips at the end of May.
For any questions, please email us.
You can also phone us under 01681 700537 and leave a message on the answer phone - however, this will only be checked once a day in the evening.
For general updates: Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Journey the world between ocean and coast

Let the wind decide where we go
An unhurried drinking in of the landscape
Disturbing little
A different sort of trip
Birthe Marie is an unashamedly old fashioned boat
Quietly finding her way into places hidden from life ashore.

Welcome to Alternative Boat Hire, operating boat trips from the Isle of Iona, a beautiful small island off the west coast of Scotland.
One of the Inner Hebrides, Iona is situated off the southwest tip of its larger neighbour, the Isle of Mull and is famous particularly for its significant role in the history of Scotland as a centre of early Christianity and learning. Iona also happens to be blessed with white sandy beaches, and superb views to the many other islands nearby. Small though it is, the island offers surprisingly varied opportunities and is an easy place to get around.

Alternative Boat Hire run boat trips aboard a traditional wooden ex-working sailing fishing boat.
Birthe Marie is an unashamedly old fashioned boat with a gaff ketch rig and a solidity that is reassuring. The whole concept of our trips is of an unhurried drinking in of the landscape. The boat fits into the coastal scene, disturbing little, quietly finding her way into places hidden from life ashore.

Ardionra Croft on Iona, looking North West to Ulva and Mull
Ardionra Croft in the North of Iona
The wind is what often decides where we will go; trips can be different each day of the week.

We take old and young, experienced or complete `non sailors`, and can run exclusive small number trips or cater for groups up to 12 passengers. We run a mix of scheduled trips to cater for individuals and families and also operate `whole boat hire` where the skippered vessel is chartered for exclusive use of the party however big or small.

Out sailing.,br>In Tinkers Hole
Where boats can take you is not restricted to a destination.

Sailing home from Burg
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